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"A time for change."

General Political Party

Beaver Party of Canada – Parti Castor du Canada


Synopsis: A little about ourselves… 

The Beaver Party of Canada, is a Canadian general political party founded in 2015 by Kelvin Purdy, a Political Prisoner. The party colour is Yellow. The main focus is on Restorative Justice with a paradigm shift towards Smart Justice starting with automatic parole instead of eligibility for parole. To be recognized in all Canadian parliaments, we are focusing on the following issues: reducing and eliminating Canada’s National Debt by action; free post-secondary education; national housing; animal rights; increasing and upgrading our military; $15 minimum wage, equal and fair 17% taxes and pollution taxes; upgrading infrastructure with new technologies (suspended magnetic rail connecting all provinces and territories); enhancing government oversight; increasing retirement and veteran benefits; and boosted funding, new mandates and goals for our Canadian Space Agency.

Don’t read our platform… you just might like it!

Founded: April 1, 2015

Colours: Canary Yellow.

International Affiliations: None.

House of Commons: 0/338

Senate: 0/105

Beaver Party of Alberta: 0/87

Beaver Party of British Columbia: 0/85

Beaver Party of Manitoba: 0/57

Beaver Party of New Brunswick: 0/49

Beaver Party of Newfoundland and Labrador: 0/48

Beaver Party of Northwest Territories: 0/19

Beaver Party of Nova Scotia: 0/51

Beaver Party of Nunavut: 0/22

Beaver Party of Ontario: 0/107

Beaver Party of Prince Edward Island: 0/27

Beaver Party of Québec: 0/125

Beaver Party of Saskatchewan: 0/58

Beaver Party of Yukon: 0/19

Legend has it that Canada’s Great Beaver lives on Parliament Hill, guarded by the Keeper of the Beaver.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to the generous contributions of many people, especially including those at: CCPA Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives: Alternative Federal Budget 2015: Delivering the Good. www.PolicyAlternatives.ca/afb2015

Leader and Founder Kelvin Purdy, Political Prisoner


Parti Castor du Canada – Beaver Party of Canada


«  Le Parti Politique Castor, Canada »

Synopsis: un peu de nous même…

Le Parti politique Castor du Canada est un nouveau parti politique fondé le 01 Avril, 2015. Il se concentre sur une justice réparatrice et utilise un concept de justice intelligente commençant avec des libérations automatique conditionnelle au lieu de « libération conditionnelle conventionnelle ». Il favorise aussi la, l’immigration, l’éducation gratuite, le logement national, le droit des animaux, les plans militaires, des taxes égales et équitables. Les soins de sautée universelle, des infrastructures améliorés, des nouvelles technologies de transport, de la légalisation et de la dé discrimination de la marijuana et de sa taxation. De l’assurance chômage à l’échelle nationale et d’une réforme de l’aide sociale. Améliorés entités gouvernementales de contrôle de la puissance de « recommander » à la possibilité de commander, subvention, et d’appliquer sans délai les modifications correctives.

Chef et fondateur, Kelvin Purdy, Prisonnier politique.

Santé universelle